UConn Football Plays Major Role in NFL Draft

When I was in law school at UConn, the bookstore sold a t-shirt emblazoned with the slogan: “UConn Law: A law school the basketball team can be proud of.”  After this weekend’s NFL Draft, I wonder if we’ll see a new slogan – “UConn Football: a football team the basketball team can be proud of.”  Although basketball […]

UConn Poised to Make Mark on NFL Draft

Win-loss record, conference record, out-of-conference schedule, bowl appearances, and recruiting: just a few  measures of a collegiate football program.  But what about the number of players that the program sends to the NFL?  When a program takes fairly unheralded recruits, and develops them into top NFL prospects, that is a clear reflection on the quality of the […]

Sports Briefs: Sports Guy on New NFL Stadiums; Beatty Best in New England

Bill Simmons of ESPN.com writes about the proliferation of new stadiums in the NFL and the resulting deterioration of home-field advantage.  Simmons argues that teams’ never ending search for new revenue streams has pushed true fans to the upper decks and out of the stadium completely, all to the detriment of the home team’s advantage […]