UFL to Hold Press Conference at Rentschler Field

By Dan Canavan and Dan Fitzgerald Hartford has been targeted as the home for a United Football League (UFL) franchise from the early moments of the upstart league.   The UFL’s “Premiere Season,” which included a game between the New York Sentinels and Florida Tuskers at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, only fueled speculation that the UFL […]

Commissioner Huyghue Discusses UFL at Rentschler Field

UFL Commissioner Michael Huyghue spoke to the assembled media at Rentschler Field on a variety of items concerning the business of  the UFL.  Here are some notes and highlights from the discussion: Single Entity The UFL employs a single entity business model.  All teams share a single training facility and one General Manager handles personnel matters for all four […]

Friday Sports Briefs

UFL Set to Play in E. Hartford on November 12 As part of the UFL’s inaugural season, the Florida Tuskers and New York Sentinels will play at Rentschler Field on November 12.  The game signifies the possibility that the upstart league will field a team in Hartford in its second year. UConn football is off that week, […]

UFL Update: Is Connecticut an Under Served Football Market?

ESPN’s Greg Garber has an excellent article on the United Football League (UFL), and its chances of success.  Perhaps most interesting is Garber’s analysis of the historical success of new football ventures in the NFL era: The history books say that six different outdoor leagues have come into existence during the NFL’s long and steady […]

False Start: UFL Not Coming to Hartford in 2009

Although the upstart United Football League continued to tout Hartford as a home for one of the league’s inaugural franchises to begin play in 2009, details were severely lacking.  In fact, an owner or home field was never firmly secured.  A “Hartford/New York” team was recently referred to by the UFL, furthering the impression that Hartford […]

“New York/Hartford” Team to Play in UFL Premiere Season

After some uncertainty, the United Football League (UFL) has announced that it will kickoff its inaugural season this fall.  Dubbed the “UFL Premiere” season, the league will play a 6-game schedule, with only four teams instead of the anticipated 8 teams, due in part to the prevailing economic conditions. Details on the season remain rather […]