College Coaching Contracts Not Written on Stone Tablets

New Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly addresses the media during a press conference Friday Dec. 11, 2009 in South Bend, Ind. Kelly, the former Cincinnati coach met with media after meeting with Irish players on Friday. (AP Photo/Joe Raymond) Original Filename: Notre_Dame_Kelly_Football_INJR103.jpg

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The topic of coaching contracts in college football has remained hot since the annual Connecticut ritual in which Randy Edsall is mentioned as a candidate for a number of other jobs, but ultimately stays at UConn.   Edsall’s candidacy nevertheless demonstrates that despite the existence of a contract, coaches are free agents every year, never restricted from taking advantage of a […]

UConn-Notre Dame: Like No Other

Nearly two years passed from the announcement that UConn would play Notre Dame until this past Saturday.  During this time the conversation over these teams focused on sports business issues.   Why wouldn’t Notre Dame play UConn at Rentschler Field?  If UConn played Notre Dame at Giants’ Stadium, how would the gate be split?  If UConn played Notre Dame at Gillette Stadium how […]

UConn-Notre Dame: “That was for Jazz”

“That was for Jazz”, UConn running back Andre Dixon appeared to proclaim while walking off the field following his game-winning touchdown in Saturday’s thrilling double-overtime victory over Notre Dame.  UConn Head Coach Randy Edsall echoed similar sentiments in his post-game interview, in which he talked about sending the game ball to the family of Jasper Howard.  But this game […]

UConn to Play in Shadow of Touchdown Jesus on Saturday

It’s been long road to South Bend for the UConn football program.  Twenty months ago I wrote my first article about the possibility of a football series between UConn and Notre Dame, UCONN-Notre Dame: How Far Should UConn Go to Play in the House that Rockne Built?.  At that time, details of the contract negotiations between the universities […]

UConn-Notre Dame Series May Be Dead

Desmond Conner of the Hartford Courant has blogged that the UConn-Notre Dame series may not come to fruition.  Here’s Conner and his quote of UConn Athletic Director Jeff Hathaway: Seems having Tennessee and now Michigan on the schedule can change things but has Hathaway completely changed his position on a series with ND? “Who knows, […]

UConn Football Strikes Deal With Michigan

Zac Boyer of the Hartford Courant reports that UConn has agreed to open its 2010 season at Michigan, with the Wolverines returning the favor and visiting Rentschler Field in 2013. According to Boyer, UConn was not interested in playing Michigan if it involved playing home games outside of Rentschler Stadium, as does the yet to […]

Correction: No Secret Clause for Rutgers, Schiano

In my previous post entitled “Revisiting the UConn-Notre Dame Series” I referred to an earlier post that I had written about coaching contracts, and cited reports by the Star-Ledger that Rutgers coach Greg Schiano had a secret clause in his contract allowing him to leave the university should the stadium renovation not be completed on […]

Revisiting the UConn-Notre Dame Football Series

It was exactly 15 months ago today that I first wrote about the football series between UConn and Notre Dame.  The title of the article was “How Far Should UConn Go to Play in the House that Rockne Built?”  And that very same issue persists today - with no games to be played in Connecticut, is […]