Friday Sports Briefs

Tebow Demands that T-Shirt Maker Cease & Desist Use of Name Tim Tebow’s attorneys sent a cease and desist letter to a t-shirt company that has been selling shirts with the words “My Jesus” in a logo similar to that of New York Jets.  The Company website references Tebow in its description of the shirt.  Michael David […]

Friday Sports Briefs

Lawyers and the Tim Tebow Trade Brian Socolow, new to the Sports Law Blog, has posted an interesting thought about the Tim Tebow trade and the Jets’ use of attorneys.  Solcolow makes an excellent point – that lawyers need to be involved early in the process of virtually any legal matter.  I covered the same topic […]

Friday Sports Briefs

Nike Forces Reebok to Stop Selling Tebow Gear Earlier this week, the Southern District of New York issued a temporary restraining order against Reebok at Nike’s request, bringing Reebok’s sales of Tim Tebow New York Jets apparel to a halt.  Alicia Jessop of Ruling Sports has a great summary of the case.  The lawsuit comes as the […]

Friday Sports Briefs: NFL Edition

Saints Suffer Severe Penalties for Bounty System New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton was suspended by NFL Commissioner for one season for his role in the bounty system employed by the team.  Former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, now with the Rams, was suspended indefinitely for his role in the system.  General Manager Mickey Loomis was suspended for […]

Friday Sports Briefs

Big East, West Virginia Settle Lawsuits The Big East Conference and West Virginia University settled their lawsuit over West Virginia’s attempted departure from the Conference.  Steve Berkowitz of USA Today has the story on the settlement, under which the Big East will receive $20 million and West Virginia can join the Big 12 later this year. […]

Josh McDaniels Allowed to Join Patriots for Playoffs

When the New England Patriots face the Denver Broncos in the Divisional Round of the AFC Playoffs on Saturday night, they will have a familiar face on their sideline.  Joining the Patriots for the first all season will be former Broncos Head Coach Josh McDaniels,  who served as Offensive Coordinator for the St. Louis Rams this […]

NFL Draft Week

With the NFL Draft set to kick-off in prime-time on Thursday night, here are some links to get you prepared.  Age Restrictions in the NBA and NFL Drafts  Remember Maurice Clarett?  Check out this excellent piece from Michael McCann and Joe Rosen on age restrictions in the NFL and NBA, which we discussed in my Sports […]