Dan Canavan Interviewed on CBC Radio Regarding Phoenix Coyotes Sale

Dan Canavan was recently interviewed by Teddy Katz on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation(CBC) Radio’s World Report concerning the Phoenix Coyotes’ attempt to sell the team and how the prospective sale might effect the NHL.  “Unlike the federal reserve, the NHL can’t just print money”, Canavan told Katz.  To listen to the entire interview, follow this link […]

Will The Attempted Relocation of The Phoenix Coyotes Help Bring The Whalers Back to Hartford?

By Dan Canavan As I touched upon in my article Phoenix Coyotes Seek Bankruptcy Protection, Sale, the NHL Players’ Association is giving up on hockey in the desert.  Paul Kelly, the executive director of the NHLPA, recently told The Hamilton Spectator that “it’s time to pull the plug’ on the NHL in Phoenix.”   Speaking on a Toronto radio station […]