UConn Opposes Connecticut Student-Athlete Legislation


As I wrote last month, in a post entitled “Should UConn Set Aside Funds to Benefit Student-Athletes?“, the Connecticut General Assembly has introduced legislation, that, if it becomes law, would assist student-athletes whose scholarships have not been renewed due to injury or illness or whose eligibility has expired.  Proposed Bill 205, An Act Concerning Scholarships for […]

Connecticut Introduces New Student-Athlete Legislation


Connecticut continues to be on the cutting edge of NCAA student-athlete rights, again following in the footsteps of California. In 2011, Connecticut followed California by passing the Student-Athletes’ Right to Know Act, which requires transparency in the recruiting process. Last year, California passed the Student-Athletes’ Bill of Rights, which included a provision that would require universities […]

Friday Sports Briefs

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How Colleges Can Help Student-Athletes Prepare for the Pros Jimmy Golen of the AP and Sports Law Blog has a great piece on what colleges do (and don’t do) to prepare student-athletes for the transition to the pros.  The article features Warren Zola of Boston College, who has been a great advocate for student-athletes.  Zola argues that providing […]

Poll: Should Student-Athletes Receive Compensation for Use of Their Likenesses?

As a follow-up to yesterday’s article about O’Bannon v. NCAA and student-athletes’ right of publicity, I wanted to get the thoughts of Connecticut Sports Law readers as to whether student-athletes should be paid for the commercial use of their likenesses, and if so, when?  Please take a few seconds and cast your vote.

Bill Requiring Disclosure of Athletic Scholarship Terms Progresses in General Assembly


A bill requiring that colleges and universities more fully disclose the terms and conditions of athletic scholarships continues to progress through the Connecticut General Assembly.  However, the bill that is presently before the General Assembly appears to have been diluted from its original form. In February,”An Act Requiring the Informed Consent of Prospective Athletes Being […]

Waivers: What Rights Do I Have With the NCAA?


I frequently have the privilege of advising student-athletes and their families in connection with various NCAA eligibility matters, including waivers.  No matter the type of waiver of sought, and no matter the circumstances, the opening question is usually the same: “what rights do I have with the NCAA?” An accurate answer to this question is none.  A student-athlete and his or […]


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