Supreme Court Passes on Spygate Case

The United States Supreme Court has declined to hear the appeal of a New York Jets season-ticket holder and lawyer who sued Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots in connection with the Patriots’ videotaping of the Jets’ defensive signals.  The Associated Press has the story (via Carl Mayer, a lawyer in Princeton, N.J., known for filing […]

Friday Sports Briefs

Spygate Case Goes to Third Circuit Court of Appeals Proof that some Jets fans just can’t let go of the “spygate” affair: two Jets fans, who also happen to be attorneys, brought suit against Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots in connection with the Patriots’ videotaping of the Jets; defensive signals.  Although the Jets […]

Recent Perspectives in Sports Law

Here are some noteworthy and recent articles detailing various sports law issues: Rick Karcher of Sports Law Blog writes on Sports Media Ethics (or lack thereof) (see March 24, 2008 entry), detailing the Sports and the Media forum held at the Sports Lawyers Association Conference.  Karcher adopts a critical view of the sports media, arguing that […]

Hartford Courant Interviews Matt Walsh on Spygate

The Hartford Courant has published an interview with Matt Walsh, the former Patriots’ video man and Spygate figure who also happens to be a Connecticut native.  Walsh had this to say to the question of whether he was seeking publicity through his involvement in this saga: “This whole experience has been one big annoyance…What good […]

Issues in Sports Media: The Boston Herald Apologizes for Spygate Coverage

A panel at the Sports Lawyers Association discussed recent issues in sports media.  One of the more interesting questions that arose was whether a journalist should give up their source once it is discovered that the source provided false information.  The panel essentially concluded that such a decision is left to the individual reporter.  However, […]

Spygate Observations: Roger Goodell, Arlen Specter and Ted Kennedy

According to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the investigation of the New England Patriots’ illegal videotaping practices better known as Spygate came to an end today.  Matt Walsh, former Patriots’ video man turned golf-pro turned NFL informant, essentially confirmed what the Commissioner already knew, and exposed no new evidence of illegal surveillance performed by the Patriots.  […]