Sports Law Careers: How to Get an Internship


In our Sports Law Careers series, we’ve explored  a number of issues facing those who envision a career in sports law or sports business.  Often times, one of the best suggestions is very simple: get an internship.  An internship can be invaluable for both the work experience and the professional contacts.  But the process of securing an [...]

Interview with Bill Scott, AHL Director of Hockey Operations

By Dan Canavan With the hockey season well underway, I thought it would be a great time to catch up with Bill Scott, Director of Hockey Operations for the American Hockey League.  Bill is currently in his fourth season with the AHL, after serving as the Coordinator of Hockey Operations for the East Coast Hockey [...]

Sports Law Careers: Lewis Howes on Breaking Into Sports

If you’re looking to break into the sports industry, in a legal or non-legal role, Lewis Howes’ Sports Networker blog should be on your list of favorites.  Lewis recently posted a video that provides a response to a commonly asked question: “how do I get a job in sports?” 

Sports Law Careers: Sports Lawyer or Sports Agent?

A veteran sports lawyer recently suggested that I include more information concerning careers in sports law on Connecticut Sports Law.  The point is well taken.  I receive frequent inquiries from students looking to become part of the sports industry, and am glad to share what information I have.  Keep an eye out for future posts on [...]


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