Friday Sports Briefs

Savannah State’s “Money Grab” Gene Wojciechowski of writes that Savannah State will receive a total of $860,000 for playing Oklahoma State and Florida State in football this season.  Savannah State, a FCS program, played Oklahoma State last weekend and lost 84-0.  They face Florida State next.  Even Savannah State’s coach seems to be questioning the school’s scheduling.  This […]

Robinson & Cole Confirms Interest in Sports Agent Business

The law firm of Robinson & Cole has confirmed that it is considering an attempt to enter the sports agent business – a story first posted on Connecticut Sports Law on July 21.  In an article published in the Connecticut Law Tribune, the firm’s recruitment of former UConn basketball player Brittany Hunter was explained as […]

Robinson & Cole Interested in the Sports Agent Business?

Last week’s news that former UConn basketball player Brittany Hunter decided to forgo her plans to work as a graduate assistant at UConn and instead become an assistant coach at Temple University contained an interesting piece of information.  Hunter, in addition, to working as a graduate assistant at UConn, also planned to join the law firm […]