NCAA Stops Selling Jerseys After Tweet from Jay Bilas

Last week, ESPN’s Jay Bilas disproved the NCAA’s position that the sales of team jerseys, which contain a student-athlete’s number, but not his name, do not refer to specific student-athletes.  Bilas simply visited the NCAA’s website, typed the last names of prominent players into a search box and the jerseys of those players appeared for sale.  Then he tweeted his findings.  Shortly thereafter, […]

Aaron Hernandez Charged with Murder: Legal and Local Perspectives

After his arrest and release from the New England Patriots yesterday morning, former Patriots’ tight end Aaron Hernandez was charged yesterday afternoon with the murder of Odin Lloyd.  The arraignment of Hernandez, in which assistant district attorney Bill McCauley outlined a timeline that placed Hernandez with the victim and at the scene of the crime, […]

Friday Sports Briefs

McCann on Lance Armstrong’s Admission to Oprah Michael McCann of and Sports Law Blog has written a comprehensive article on the impact of Lance Armstrong’s confession to Oprah Winfrey that he used performance enhancing drugs.  McCann opines that the interview did nothing to help his marketability or legal interests. Legal Aspects of Manti Te’o Story ESPN’s […]

Former Student-Athletes Sue NCAA over Concussions

I was recently interviewed by Michele Bowman of concerning the class action lawsuit brought by former student-athletes against the NCAA over the treatment of concussions.  Here’s what I had to say (in part): “Medical research has allowed athletes to understand the long-term health risks associated with concussions,” which has “led many to the conclusion […]

Friday Sports Briefs

Trial of Jerry Sandusky Under Way in Pennsylvania Rob Romano has two interesting posts on the trial of Jerry Sandusky, examining the defense’s strategy in jury selection and analyzing the jurors that were chosen.  Excellent work Rob.  Michael McCann has also written an outstanding preview of the Sandusky trial for NFL Concussion Lawsuits Consolidated The concussion lawsuits […]

Friday Sports Briefs

“Schools, not NCAA, standing in the way of positive scholarship change” Andy Staples of has a great article on how colleges and universities are balking at the NCAA’s attempt at reform.  The NCAA recently decided to allow schools to provide student-athletes with a $2,000 stipend and to offer multi-year scholarships.  A number of schools, […]

Friday Sports Briefs

Jerry Sandusky Interview Michael McCann of and Sports Law Blog, has written an article on the legal implications of Jerry Sandusky’s interview with Bob Costas.  McCann answers these questions: In terms of legal strategy, what did we learn from Sandusky’s interview with Costas? Will Joe Paterno be charged with a crime? If so, when? How […]

Will Roger Clemens Testify at his Trial?

During jury selection for the trial of Roger Clemens on perjury and obstruction of justice charges, Clemens’ attorney, Rusty Hardin, hinted that Clemens may not testify in his defense.  Considering the nature of the charges and the questionable character of the prosecution’s chief witness, Brian McNamee, this may be a sound legal strategy.  Paul Doyle of […]