Serena Williams, Handling Athletes and Public Relations

Last week, Rob Romano was a guest on ESPN Hawaii–KHLO 850-AM Radio to discuss tennis star Serena Williams’ apology for what she allegedly said about Maria Sharapova and the Steubenville (Ohio) rape case.  Rob did a great job touching upon handling a professional athlete client and providing perspective on the applicable legal issues. Click below to […]

Sports Lawyers Association Conference Wrap Up

I attended the Sports Lawyers Association (SLA) Annual Conference last week in Atlanta, Georgia.  For those unfamiliar with the conference, it is the largest and most prominent gathering of sports attorneys in the country.  Lawyers from most major sports leagues, teams and organizations attend as well as agents and representatives of the NCAA. Attendance was excellent, with approximately 700 attendees, […]

Can Coaches Be Liable for Injuries to Student-Athletes?

By Robert J. Romano, Esq. A few years ago, a high school freshman basketball player at Campbell County High School in Cold Springs, Kentucky suffered a severe break of his arm during basketball practice.  His parents, true to the litigious American culture, sued the school’s two basketball coaches.  The negligence suit, filed against the coaches […]

Coaches - How Hard Is It to Sign a Multi-Million Dollar Contract?

By Robert J. Romano, Esq. As every lawyer was taught in his or her first year contract course, the essential elements of an agreement between two or more parties are offer, acceptance, consideration, legality and capacity. Additionally, any contract which terms cannot be performed and completed within one year has to be reduced to writing. […]