Friday Sports Briefs

Calhoun’s Unsigned Contract Stories concerning Jim Calhoun’s medical leave of absence from the UConn basketball team mentioned that he has yet to sign the contract extension that was nearly complete in December 2009. Although this may appear unusual, it reminded me of Robert Romano’s article Coaches – How Hard Is It to Sign a Multi-Million Dollar Contract?: [...]

Michael Vick Released From Prison, Not Problems

Michael Vick has been released from prison after being incarcerated for 19 months following his conviction on dog fighting charges.  For Vick, however, his problems are not behind him.  He still faces issues with the law, his former and perhaps future employer, and of course the public that once perceived him as Michael Jordan in [...]

Tuesday Sports Briefs

Yankees Consider Use of Disparagement Clauses Following the release of a book in which Joe Torre discusses his years with the New York Yankees, sometimes in unflattering terms, the Yankees are considering inserting disparagement clauses into its coaching and managerial contracts.  For a legal analysis of the use of such clauses, see Michael McCann’s article [...]

BC-Jagodzinski Contract: Expectations Unfulfilled

The power struggle between college football coaches and the universities for which they work, has taken some interesting twists and turns over the last year or so.  Coaches have long operated in a system of virtual free agency, with little regard for the binding nature of contracts.  Universities have attempted to fight the flight of their [...]


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