Will Johnny Football Change NCAA Rules on Marketing Likeness?

ESPN.com’s Rick Reilly has an excellent piece on Johnny Manziel, and the fact that NCAA rules prohibit him from profiting off of the use of his likeness. Reilly questions the logic of the NCAA’s ruling that Manziel can keep the proceeds of a lawsuit, but cannot accept a bagel from a booster.  (The so-called “Johnny Football loophole” would not allow for […]

Friday Sports Briefs

Interested in Becoming a Sports Agent? Each year, students in my Sports Law class at Quinnipiac Law School are interested in becoming an agent.  Luckily, I co-teach the class with Rob Romano, who was an NFL agent for many years.  For those interested in becoming an NFL agent, Andrew Brandt’s recent article on ESPN.com is […]

Friday Sports Briefs: NFL Free Agency Edition

The end of the NFL lockout has led to a compressed free agency period that has teams, players and agents working at a furious pace.  Here are a few of the most interesting stories on the business and legal aspects of this unique time in the NFL, including the moves of the New England Patriots: […]

Litigation and Little League

“Everyone is looking for a scholarship, and everyone is looking for a lawsuit.”  Those were the words of high school coach whom I recently interviewed concerning changes in coaching high school athletics.  Although that statement might seem a bit cynical, consider Rick Reilly’s recent column, “A Tale of Two Little Leaguers” on ESPN.com.  Reilly compares the […]