Connecticut Bill Would Allow College Athletes to Unionize

On the heels of winning the NCAA Basketball National Championship last year, UConn point guard Shabazz Napier was asked about the efforts of Northwestern athletes to unionize.  His response made national news, as he told a reporter that players go to bed hungry. Subsequently, Connecticut State Representative Patricia Dillon announced that she was looking into legislation […]

CT Sports Law’s Top Story Line of 2011

1.  Connecticut joins California as the only states to pass the Student-Athletes’ Right to Know Act, which provides transparency in the recruiting process and also helps parents and student-athletes ask the right questions during the recruiting process.  Introduced by Representative Patricia Dillon and supported by University of New Haven professor Allen Sack and National College Players Association President […]

Connecticut General Assembly Seeks Transparency in Recruiting Process

The Connecticut General Assembly is considering a bill requiring colleges and universities to more fully disclose the terms and conditions of scholarship offers made to high school athletes.  Proposed House Bill 5415, entitled “An Act Requiring the Informed Consent of Prospective Athletes Being Recruited to Institutions of Higher Education,” reads as follows: Be it enacted by […]