Phoenix Coyotes to Winnipeg Move Rumored, Refuted

Yesterday a rumor surfaced that the Phoenix Coyotes would be moving to Winnipeg at the conclusion of the NHL playoffs.  Bill Daly, the deputy commissioner of the league, subsequently refuted those rumors, stating as follows: “No decisions have been made at this point one way or the other. Efforts to sell the club in Glendale remain ongoing.” […]

CT Sports Law’s Top 10 Story Lines of 2009: Part I

With 2009 coming to a close, I have compiled a list of the top story lines and accompanying blog posts from the past year.  Part I will list story lines 6 through 10; Part II will be posted tomorrow and will include 2 through 5; and the top story line will be posted on New Year’s Eve.  Thank you for your readership, […]

NHL Finally Takes Ownership of Phoenix Coyotes

By Dan Canavan After obtaining approval from Bankruptcy Judge Redfield T. Baum, the NHL officially became the owner of your Phoenix Coyotes on November 2, 2009.  After a series of bankruptcy setoffs and other creditor transactions, the NHL paid approximately $140 million for the Coyotes.  The NHL and the other 29 clubs will shoulder the […]

NHL Declares Victory Over Balsillie in Bankruptcy Case

By Dan Canavan Last week, Judge Redfield T. Baum rejected the bids of the NHL and Jim Balsillie to purchase the troubled Phoenix Coyotes out of bankruptcy.  Judge Baum’s decision effectively concludes Balsillie’s attempt to relocate the Coyotes to Hamilton, Ontario.  Judge Baum rejected Balsillie’s bid, which was conditioned on moving the team, as it would have […]

Friday Sports Briefs

UConn Players Make UFL’s New York Roster Former UConn football players Dan Davis and Alfred Fincher were listed on the roster of the UFL’s New York Sentinels.  The Sentinels are scheduled to play the Florida Tuskers at Rentschler Field on November 12.  Keanu Reeves is not listed as a QB for the Sentinels. David Givens […]

Gretzky Flees Phoenix Amid Coyotes Bankruptcy

By Dan Canavan Last week, Wayne Gretzky resigned as head coach of the Phoenix Coyotes. Gretzky, a creditor in the club’s ongoing bankruptcy proceedings, defended his resignation, claiming that neither potential ownership group was interested in retaining him as head coach. As a minority owner, Gretzky was being paid an excessive salary and is still owed […]

Dan Canavan Interviewed on Phoenix Coyotes Bankruptcy

Peter James of Canwest News Service interviewed Dan Canavan, Connecticut Sports Law’s hockey expert, on Phoenix Coyotes’ bankruptcy proceedings for his article entitled Twisted series of issues continue to haunt Coyotes’ situation.  James’ article was published in a number of media outlets, including The National Post. Here are some highlights of Dan’s comments: Dan Canavan, a […]

Monday Sports Briefs

Michael Vick Set Free Michael Vick was released from his federal sentence for dogfighting today, after spending 18 months in prison and the last 2 months on house arrest.  See this article by ESPN’s John Clayton on Vick’s next steps now that he is a free man.  For Connecticut Sports Law’s coverage of Vick, click […]