Will Johnny Football Change NCAA Rules on Marketing Likeness?

ESPN.com’s Rick Reilly has an excellent piece on Johnny Manziel, and the fact that NCAA rules prohibit him from profiting off of the use of his likeness. Reilly questions the logic of the NCAA’s ruling that Manziel can keep the proceeds of a lawsuit, but cannot accept a bagel from a booster.  (The so-called “Johnny Football loophole” would not allow for […]

Sack: Multi-Year Scholarships a Historic NCAA Change

Allen Sack, professor and interim dean in the College of Business at the University of New Haven, has been a leading advocate for student-athletes’ rights.  Sack provided important testimony in support of the Student-Athletes’ Right to Know Act which was adopted by the Connecticut General Assembly and became effective this past January.  In his testimony, Sack […]

Dan Fitzgerald Interviewed for The Legal Blitz

I was recently interviewed by Ben McKenna of The Legal Blitz, a sports law blog published by Ben McKenna and Steve Silver, students at Temple Law School.  The interview covered a wide range of topics, from how I became involved in sports law to issues in high school and college sports, including concussions and the use […]