Friday Sports Briefs


The Significance of Marvin Miller Notre Dame Law School sports law professor Ed Edmonds has written an interesting piece on the significance of Major League Baseball leader Marvin Miller.  Miller recently passed away at the age of 95. Clark Booth also has an interesting piece in the Dorchester Reporter regarding Miller’s exclusion from the Baseball […]

UConn, Kashif Moore Kick Off New Year in Style

UConn proved that a Big East team could beat a team from the vaunted Southeastern Conference, as the Huskies beat South Carolina 20-7 in the Bowl.  After a season that was defined by the tragic passing of UConn’s Jasper Howard, a string of impossibly close losses, a huge win at Notre Dame, and the […]

UConn Football: Profit from Bowl Not to be Confused With Benefit

The aversion to a true playoff in college football at its most basic level can be explained in financial terms.  The bowl system, and BCS, is simply too profitable to consider another alternative.  The current arrangement injects number of games with meaning that would otherwise be no more than an early round playoff game, or […]


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