Lessons for Coaches from the Case of Jim Tressel

Jim Tressel resigned his post as head football coach at the Ohio State University (OSU) on Monday under a cloud of scandal and impending NCAA sanctions.  Tressel allegedly attempted to cover-up potential violations by six of his players, who traded OSU memorabilia for tattoos.  A Sports Illustrated article by George Dohrmann (with David Epstein) proved to be the final straw, outlining a […]

NCAA Allegations Against Tressel Show Coaches’ Need for Personal Counsel

The recent Notice of Allegations issued by the NCAA against Ohio State University (OSU) head football coach Jim Tressel are uniquely personal.  He is alleged to have withheld information from OSU to keep his players, who received improper benefits and otherwise violated NCAA rules, eligible.  The case presents a clear situation of a coach needing personal counsel […]