Friday Sports Briefs

Nerlens Noel Injury The knee injury suffered by Kentucky freshman Nerlens Noel has prompted discussion about the NBA’s rule requiring players to wait one year after high school graduation before entering the NBA Draft.  Pat Forde of Yahoo! Sports discusses the “charade” of  the one and done rule.  Warren K. Zola discusses the rule on the Sports Law […]

NBA Draft Approaches, One and Done Discussion Continues

With the NBA Draft being held tonight, the issue of the “one and-done” college basketball player is once again in focus.  Marc Isenberg, publisher of the blog Money Players, has written frequently written on this topic.  Here’s an excerpt from his latest post: On one hand, it is absurd to get completely bent out of […]

One and Done: The Effect of the Business Decision on NCAA Basketball

Last week’s NBA Draft was remarkable for the number and prominence of freshman that were selected.  The top 3 picks, and 5 of the first 7 players chosen were college freshman, and 10 freshman were selected in the first round - all NBA records.  The message for the top players entering college is clear: “one and […]