Legal Blitz Interview: NCAA Rules on Agents and Advisors in Amateur Hockey

I was recently interviewed by Steve Silver of The Legal Blitz, on the topic of agents and advisors in amateur hockey.  Here is an except from the interview: It is my understanding that the NCAA has a flat-out agent ban in that student athletes or soon-to-be student athletes can not sign with or have any contact with an […]

Student-Athletes Must Know NCAA Rules for Agents, Advisors

The Bayonne hockey team goes through shooting drills during Monday’s practice, December 8, 2008. — CONNER JAY / THE JERSEY JOURNAL

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I recently came across an excellent article by David Bradley Olsen, an attorney in Minnesota, concerning NCAA rules governing “family advisors.”  The article, entitled Family advisors: What you don’t know can hurt you, is published on Let’s Play Hockey and details the NCAA’s rules prohibiting student-athletes from using agents and advisors.  Hockey players and their parents would be well-served […]

Oliver v. NCAA: The Impact of the Settlement

The case of Oliver v. NCAA ended with a settlement last week, two weeks prior to the highly anticipated trial of the case.  The details of the case and settlement have been covered in great detail by Biz of Baseball, Baseball America and Ultimate Sports Insider.  So rather than duplicate these fine articles, here is my take a few of the […]

CTSportsLaw Mailbox: Is the National Letter of Intent Legally Enforceable?

A Connecticut Sports Law reader recently emailed me concerning the enforceability of National Letters of Intent.  What is to stop a student from challenging a National Letter of Intent after the fact in court, besides the cost of litigation?  The National Letter of Intent (NLI) represents a contract between a prospective student-athlete and a university.  Thus, both parties could […]

Oliver v. NCAA: Will Agents Infiltrate College Baseball?

I recently came across an excellent blog - Ultimate Sports Insider - by Michael Cross.  Cross, the Executive Associate Director of Athletics at Princeton University, uniquely covers the business aspects of collegiate athletics.  Most recently he wrote about the case of Oliver v. NCAA (covered here on Connecticut Sports Law), and asks whether the presence of agents will […]