Breaking Down the Meyer-Ohio State Agreement

Yesterday, I posted a link to the term sheet that Urban Meyer and Ohio State agreed upon, which sets forth the basic terms of Meyer’s employment as head coach (and will be replaced by a formal contract at some point).  Here are a few notes and observations regarding the term sheet: Retention Bonuses There is no [...]

More Advice for Former Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel

Erick Smith of the USA Today reported that former Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel did not attend a NCAA rules compliance seminar in Tampa this past weekend.  Tressel was originally scheduled to attend the seminar as part of Ohio State’s self-imposed penalties.  Subsequent to the imposition of those penalties, Sports Illustrated blew the top off of the [...]

NCAA Allegations Against Tressel Show Coaches’ Need for Personal Counsel

The recent Notice of Allegations issued by the NCAA against Ohio State University (OSU) head football coach Jim Tressel are uniquely personal.  He is alleged to have withheld information from OSU to keep his players, who received improper benefits and otherwise violated NCAA rules, eligible.  The case presents a clear situation of a coach needing personal counsel [...]


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