Charlie Weis Again Demonstrates Importance of a Favorable Coaching Contract


By Robert J. Romano, Esq. The first college football coach to be fired comes early this year as the Kansas Jayhawks announced it will be releasing its head coach, Charlie Weis, from his official duties just four games into the season. Coach Weis posted a 6-22 career record with the Jayhawks, including a 1-18 record […]

Connecticut Sports Law: 6 Years and Blogging


This week marks the sixth anniversary of the launch of Connecticut Sports Law.  Six years ago yesterday, I was discussing the proposed UConn-Notre Dame football series, which ultimately consisted of only one very enjoyable game in South Bend.  I continue to enjoy writing for this site and the area of sports law has cooperated nicely, providing a seemingly […]

Friday Sports Briefs

McCann on Lance Armstrong’s Admission to Oprah Michael McCann of and Sports Law Blog has written a comprehensive article on the impact of Lance Armstrong’s confession to Oprah Winfrey that he used performance enhancing drugs.  McCann opines that the interview did nothing to help his marketability or legal interests. Legal Aspects of Manti Te’o Story ESPN’s […]

Friday Sports Briefs

Sonny Vaccaro Points Finger at Duke, UNC Sonny Vaccaro made news this week when he accused the NCAA of lacking the nerve to punish the likes of Duke and UNC.  Eric Prisbell of the USA Today (via the Sports Law Blog) has the story.  The story reminds me of the first time I saw Vaccaro […]

Gunner Kiel Shows that Verbal Commitments are Not Binding

Gunner Kiel, the top rated pro-style quarterback in high school football, made news last week when we decided to attend the University of Notre Dame, instead of Louisiana State University.  It was the second time that Kiel changed his mind concerning his choice of school.  Kiel originally provided a verbal commitment to Indiana, before switching to […]

NCAA Denies Todd O’Brien’s Appeal; Reform Necessary

Minnesota v Saint Joseph

ESPN is reporting that Todd O’Brien’s final appeal in his waiver request was denied by the NCAA.  Andy Katz writes, “Saint Joseph’s has finally won. It’s over. Todd O’Brien won’t play college basketball this season for UAB.”  For those of you who are unfamiliar with O’Brien’s story, see my post Todd O’Brien Denied Release By St. Joseph’s. […]

Trends in the Roles of College Athletic Directors

Steve Berkowitz and Jodi Upton of the USA Today recently featured an interesting article on collegiate athletic directors and their salaries, comparing them to CEOs of corporations.  (Also see their chart with the salaries of Division I athletic directors).  Both athletic directors featured, Mark Hollis of Michigan State and Dave Brandon of Michigan, have extensive […]

3 Contractual Provisions to Help College Coaches Avoid Lawsuits


“As long as schools stay quick on the trigger to show coaches the door when they are cold, coaches will continue to look for better opportunities when they are hot.” -Russ Campbell, to the San Jose Mercury Times The recent lawsuit brought by Kent State University against its former basketball coach, Geno Ford, demonstrates some […]


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