Friday Sports Briefs

Nike Forces Reebok to Stop Selling Tebow Gear Earlier this week, the Southern District of New York issued a temporary restraining order against Reebok at Nike’s request, bringing Reebok’s sales of Tim Tebow New York Jets apparel to a halt.  Alicia Jessop of Ruling Sports has a great summary of the case.  The lawsuit comes as the […]

New York Times Feature on College Coaching Contracts

James K. Gentry and Raquel Meyer Alexander published an excellent piece on coaching contracts in college football in the New York Times SportsSunday feature.  The article, entitled “From the Sideline to the Bottom Line”, discusses how coaching contracts have evolved from handshake deals to complicated agreements.  Here’s an excerpt from the article: A review of […]

From the Vault: Is Amateurism Dead in Collegiate Athletics?

The 2010 NCAA Final Four is set, with only one of the four No. 1 seeds advancing to play in Indianapolis.  While the tournament has been characterized by upsets and exciting finishes, the start of the tournament was characterized by the issue of money in collegiate athletics.  The proposal to expand the NCAA tournament from 64 […]

UConn Reaches $80 Million Deal with IMG College for Media Rights

The business side of UConn athletics continues to flex its considerable muscles.  In yet another example of the intersection of collegiate athletics and big business, UConn has announced that it has entered into an $80 million contract with IMG College to manage all of UConn’s media rights over a ten-year period.  The contract awaits approval from […]

Big Money Heading to Storrs: UConn Athletics and Nike Agree on $45.5 Million Contract

The Hartford Courant reports that UConn and Nike have reached a 10-year, $45.5 million contract for exclusive sponsorship rights.  The deal is “believed to be one of the biggest in the country.” The agreement operates as follows: Nike will provide uniforms, sports apparel, practice gear and equipment for all 24 varsity teams The retail value of […]