Derek Boogaard and Painkillers in the NHL

By John M. Burnor Derek Boogaard was one of the most feared players in the NHL. Playing for the Minnesota Wild and the New York Rangers, Boogaard was an enforcer whose unofficial role was to fight: to protect his teammates and to settle points of honor for the team. Over the course of his NHL career, […]

Part II of Interview with AHL’s Bill Scott

Here’s Part II of Dan Canavan’s Interview with Bill Scott, the Director of Hockey Operations for the American Hockey League.  Click here to read Part I. Dan Canavan: While each franchise is operated differently throughout the league, how are the teams’ operating costs typically shared between local ownership and NHL parent club? Bill Scott: For […]

Interview with Bill Scott, AHL Director of Hockey Operations

By Dan Canavan With the hockey season well underway, I thought it would be a great time to catch up with Bill Scott, Director of Hockey Operations for the American Hockey League.  Bill is currently in his fourth season with the AHL, after serving as the Coordinator of Hockey Operations for the East Coast Hockey […]

Sports Litigation Alert Publishes NHLPA Article By Dan Canavan

Sports Litigation Alert, a newsletter that monitors case law and legal developments in the sports law industry, published Dan Canavan’s article entitled NHLPA Dismisses Executive Director, Former U.S. Prosecutor Paul Kelly, in its September 11, 2009 issue.  Sports Litigation Alert is published by Hackney Publications, which also publishes the newsletter Legal Issues in Collegiate Athletics and Legal […]

Will The Attempted Relocation of The Phoenix Coyotes Help Bring The Whalers Back to Hartford?

By Dan Canavan As I touched upon in my article Phoenix Coyotes Seek Bankruptcy Protection, Sale, the NHL Players’ Association is giving up on hockey in the desert.  Paul Kelly, the executive director of the NHLPA, recently told The Hamilton Spectator that “it’s time to pull the plug’ on the NHL in Phoenix.”   Speaking on a Toronto radio station […]