Friday Sports Briefs

NCAA Changes Enforcement Structure Christian Dennie of the College Sports Law Blog writes about the NCAA’s changes to its enforcement structure.  The most prominent change is a four-tier violation classification.  Tim Epstein over at the Sports Law Blog writes that the NCAA is sending mixed signals with these changes and also notes that the new rules […]

The NFL and Labor Peace

I recently came across two articles that discuss the NFL’s relationship with its players’  union, the NFLPA, following the collective bargaining agreement that was supposed to bring labor peace for the next decade. Barry Wilner, AP Pro Football Writer has published an interesting piece in the Kansas City Star, focusing on the collusion lawsuit involving […]

Friday Sports Briefs

NFLPA Sues NFL for Collusion The National Football League Players Association has filed suit against the National Football League in connection with salary cap penalties levied against the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins.  To get the flavor of this case, see articles by ESPN’s Andrew Brandt and Sports Illustrated’s Michael McCann. Pitt Files Suit Against The Big East […]

Roger Goodell on NFL Legacy Fund

The NFL and its players’ union have reached an agreement on how to distribute the $620 million Legacy Fund created in the new collective bargaining agreement.  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell described the Legacy Fund in a letter to NFL fans, which I have posted below. To NFL Fans: We hope you are enjoying the NFL season. […]

Friday Sports Briefs

How Colleges Can Help Student-Athletes Prepare for the Pros Jimmy Golen of the AP and Sports Law Blog has a great piece on what colleges do (and don’t do) to prepare student-athletes for the transition to the pros.  The article features Warren Zola of Boston College, who has been a great advocate for student-athletes.  Zola argues that providing […]

Sports Fans Coalition Sought Voice in NFL Lockout

I was reading Sports Illustrated this weekend and came across Damon Hack’s article about the end of the NFL lockout.   Although I am generally tired of hearing about the lockout, especially now that football is back, something caught my eye.  Hack focused on the perspective of the fans, and interviewed Brian Frederick and David Goodfriend […]

NFL Owners & Players Reach Deal to End Lockout

Numerous outlets are reporting that the NFL owners and players have agreed to terms on a new collective bargaining agreement.  Peter King of reports that the player representatives from each team have scheduled a conference call at 11 a.m to vote on the deal.  King also discusses the highlights of the deal in his Monday […]

Friday Sports Briefs

The Recertification of the NFLPA Gabe Feldman has a quick and informative primer on the recertification of the players’ union (NFLPA) on Why do the owners want the players to reform their union? Because of a doctrine known as the “non-statutory labor exemption.” This exemption immunizes the terms of a CBA from attack under antitrust law. Essentially, players are required to choose […]