Remembering the Victims from Sandy Hook Elementary School

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, families and everyone affected by the unspeakable tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday and also with the entire town of Newtown, Conn.  Although it is difficult to move forward with events as trivial as NFL football games, the New England Patriots, New York […]

Patriots Land TE Ballard After Giants Roster Move Backfires

An interesting bit of roster manuevering by the New York Giants and New England Patriots took place yesterday.  The New York Giants released Jake Ballard, a tight end who emerged as a receiving threat last year before tearing his ACL against the Patriots in the Super Bowl.  Ballard is expected to miss the 2012-13 season […]

Mark Herzlich Signs with New York Giants

Boston College linebacker Mark Herzlich has signed with the New York Giants as a rookie free agent.  Herzlich has been an inspirational story since he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, Ewing’s sarcoma, after his junior season, when he was considered a sure-fire first round draft pick.  Herzlich successfully completed treatment and returned to play for Boston College this past […]

Monday Sports Briefs

Manhattan DA: Burress Will Serve Jail Time Plaxico Burress, the former New York Giants receiver will serve jail time, whether he goes to trial or submits a plea, in connection with charges for criminal possession of a gun, according to the Associated Press.  ESPN’s Mike and Mike reported that Burress’ trial will not commence until […]

Will Plaxico Burress Play Football in 2009?

Michael McCann of and Sports Law Blog has an interesting piece on Plaxico Burress, and whether Commissioner Roger Goodell will allow Burress to play football this season – should a team be interested in signing him.  McCann also mentions that the UFL may be a destination for Burress.  Here’s an excerpt from the article: Plaxico […]

Coverage of the Plaxico Burress Debacle

The Plaxico Burress situation is intriguing on a number of levels, involving the criminal justice system, NFL player contracts and even health care law.  The sensational nature of the story combined with the New York Giants’ success this season has resulted in wide-ranging, in-depth media coverage.  Perhaps no writers have covered the story as well […]

Personal Seat Licenses: Jets, Giants Color New Stadium Green

Last month, as I was sitting in Giants Stadium awaiting Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band to begin their first show on the Magic stadium tour, I had a familiar thought – how do the Jets feel at home playing in a stadium that is decorated in red and blue, the color of the […]