NCAA Allegations Against Tressel Show Coaches’ Need for Personal Counsel

The recent Notice of Allegations issued by the NCAA against Ohio State University (OSU) head football coach Jim Tressel are uniquely personal.  He is alleged to have withheld information from OSU to keep his players, who received improper benefits and otherwise violated NCAA rules, eligible.  The case presents a clear situation of a coach needing personal counsel […]

Key Points of UConn’s Response to NCAA Allegations

For months people have speculated about UConn’s response to the NCAA’s allegations of wrongdoing during the recruitment of former Husky Nate Miles.  (See Connecticut Sports Law post Will UConn Basketball Be Banned from Postseason?).  There is no need for further speculation, as UConn has released its response to the NCAA’s Notice of Allegations.  As anticipated, UConn recommends […]

Talk to My Lawyer: 3 Situations Requiring Counsel in Collegiate Athletics

1.  National Letter of Intent (NLI): Despite the fact that the NLI is optional and heavily favors colleges and universities, student-athletes continue to sign on the dotted line.  It’s basically a take it or leave it proposition, and few players are willing to risk leaving a scholarship offer on the table.  Some coaches, like Kentucky’s John Calipari, have […]

More on Attorneys and NCAA Compliance

Christian Nolan of the Connecticut Law Tribune quoted me in an interesting article entitled “When Lawyers are Part of The Game,” which is featured in this week’s edition of the paper.  Click the following link to read the article in its entirety: when-lawyers-are-part-of-the-game. The article discusses NCAA compliance against the backdrop of the allegations of recruiting violations at […]

NCAA Compliance and the Role of Attorneys

In the wake of reports that UConn has paid nearly $80,000 in legal fees to outside counsel in connection with NCAA compliance this year, I have received a number of questions concerning the role of an attorney with respect to such matters.  The following are two of the most commonly asked questions: 1.  What types of NCAA compliance […]