Friday Sports Briefs

Lawyers and the Tim Tebow Trade Brian Socolow, new to the Sports Law Blog, has posted an interesting thought about the Tim Tebow trade and the Jets’ use of attorneys.  Solcolow makes an excellent point – that lawyers need to be involved early in the process of virtually any legal matter.  I covered the same topic […]

Friday Sports Briefs

Congratulations to former UConn Husky Kemba Walker, who was drafted 9th overall by the Charlotte Bobcats in the NBA Draft last night.  Mike Anthony of the Hartford Courant has a great story on Walker: The tears rolling down Kemba Walker’s cheeks spoke to his appreciation for the journey behind and the opportunity ahead. He sacrificed […]

NBA Draft Approaches, One and Done Discussion Continues

With the NBA Draft being held tonight, the issue of the “one and-done” college basketball player is once again in focus.  Marc Isenberg, publisher of the blog Money Players, has written frequently written on this topic.  Here’s an excerpt from his latest post: On one hand, it is absurd to get completely bent out of […]

Perspectives on O.J. Mayo, USC and the NCAA’s Pat Forde, in a scathing editorial, lays blame for the Mayo sacndal at the foot of USC and head basketball coach Tim Floyd.  Taking into a account another high-profile scandal that touched USC involving football player Reggie Bush, Forde goes so far as to suggest that USC should receive the NCAA death penalty.  While that […]