How do Colleges Juggle Scholarships with Roster Changes?

I was recently interviewed by Paul Oren of the Times of Northwest Indiana regarding NCAA scholarship rules. Oren was particularly interested in a situation with the Valparaiso men’s basketball team, where Vashil Fernandez was granted a waiver for a fifth year of eligibility presumably leaving the team short a scholarship.  Here is an excerpt of the […]

When a School Doesn’t Want You to Sign a National Letter of Intent

I have spent a good deal of time discussing the National Letter of Intent (NLI) on this blog.  Generally, I have concluded that the most elite prospects should considering forgoing the NLI.  On the other hand, less sought-after recruits should sign the NLI rather than risk that scholarship slots will fill up. Recently, I have […]

Is the NLI nullified if you are suspended for your high school season?

I recently received a great question regarding the National Letter of Intent (NLI): If a high school athlete signed a NLI for lacrosse during the early signing period, and is then ineligible for the high school team in spring because of a school suspension, will this suspension nullify the NLI? No, a suspension on its own does not […]

CT Sports Law’s Top Story Lines of 2013 - Part I

6.  The topic of NCAA Transfer Rules has captured the attention of the general media.  Although these rules are in dire need of change, we offered some tips for navigating the current system. 7.  The Connecticut Whale Era ended, leaving the future of professional hockey in Hartford in doubt. 8.  Johnny Manziel had a busy year, […]

Transfer Rules Make the New York Times

Since I began this blog more than five years ago, I have noticed an unmistakable trend regarding the media’s coverage of collegiate athletics.  Issues such as NCAA rules and the National Letter of Intent (NLI), which once seemed relevant only to athletic directors and compliance officers, are now regularly discussed in the media and by the public.  […]

Friday Sports Briefs: National Letter of Intent Edition

“The worst contract in American sports” Andy Staples of Sports Illustrated, has written an excellent piece on the National Letter of Intent and Eddie Vanderdoes, a high school football player who will likely lose a year of NCAA eligibility because he decided to attend UCLA after signing a NLI to attend Notre Dame.  Staples provides […]

Can a Mom Challenge the National Letter of Intent?

On National Signing Day (last Wednesday) Alex Collins was expected to sign a National Letter of Intent (NLI) to play football at Arkansas.  However, Collins’ mother, Andrea McDonald, refused to sign the NLI, preferring that her son attend college in their home state of Florida.  The next day Collins’ father signed his NLI.   His mother hired Johnnie […]

National Signing Day: Read Before You Sign

National Signing Day is upon us again in college football.  For student-athletes signing their National Letter of Intent (NLI), the day is full of excitement.  However, the NLI is undoubtedly a one-sided agreement, drafted by the colleges, for the colleges. When student-athletes got wise, and began negotiating escape clauses in the NLI (such as for when the […]