Charlie Weis Again Demonstrates Importance of a Favorable Coaching Contract


By Robert J. Romano, Esq. The first college football coach to be fired comes early this year as the Kansas Jayhawks announced it will be releasing its head coach, Charlie Weis, from his official duties just four games into the season. Coach Weis posted a 6-22 career record with the Jayhawks, including a 1-18 record […]

Rashard Mendenhall Sues Champion Over Morals Clause

Pittsburgh Steelers v Detroit Lions

Pittsburgh Steelers’ running back Rashard Mendenhall has sued Hanesbrands, Inc., the parent company of Champion, over the termination of his endorsement deal with the brand.  Champion allegedly dropped Mendenhall in the wake of his comments about September 11 and the death of Osama Bin Laden on his Twitter page.  According to an Associated Press article posted […]

Major Issues With Minor League Contracts

Standard player contracts were the topic of discussion during my Sports Law class at Quinnipiac University School of Law last night.  As a practical example we reviewed a minor league player contract that one of my students had been party to as a player.  The objective was for the students to analyze the contract as if […]

Coaches - How Hard Is It to Sign a Multi-Million Dollar Contract?

By Robert J. Romano, Esq. As every lawyer was taught in his or her first year contract course, the essential elements of an agreement between two or more parties are offer, acceptance, consideration, legality and capacity. Additionally, any contract which terms cannot be performed and completed within one year has to be reduced to writing. […]


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