Monday Sports Briefs

Connecticut’s Powder Ridge Ski Area Entangled in Legal Issues Monica Polanco and Alanie Griffin of the Hartford Courant write about Powder Ridge, the ski area in Middlefield, Connecticut, which has been closed for the last three years.  The story looks at the legal issues concerning the sale of the resort and the effort to find […]

Michael Vick Released From Prison, Not Problems

Michael Vick has been released from prison after being incarcerated for 19 months following his conviction on dog fighting charges.  For Vick, however, his problems are not behind him.  He still faces issues with the law, his former and perhaps future employer, and of course the public that once perceived him as Michael Jordan in […]

Sports Briefs: Rovell on NCAA Fantasy Games, UConn’s Donald Thomas, Former NFL Executive Launches blog

As a follow-up to the Connecticut Sports Law article regarding the use of players’ names in college fantasy football games, see Darren Rovell’s recent post on his Sports Biz blog.  Rovell, CNBC’s sports business guru, writes that he has played fantasy football for 4 years using players’ names (although not through a major provider such as CBS).  He also […]