UConn Football: Profit from Bowl Not to be Confused With Benefit

The aversion to a true playoff in college football at its most basic level can be explained in financial terms.  The bowl system, and BCS, is simply too profitable to consider another alternative.  The current arrangement injects number of games with meaning that would otherwise be no more than an early round playoff game, or [...]

NCAA Study Shows that Most Athletic Programs Lose Money

A recently released NCAA report concluded that most college and university athletic departments are losing money.  This study is given more credence by observers as it utilized an accounting method that separated institutional allocations from money earned through ticket sales and private donations. Here are the highlights of the study: Only 17 of the more than [...]

UConn Football: Bowl Game Not a Rainmaker

For the many UConn fans who assumed that the football team’s appearance in the Meineke Car Bowl was a very profitable venture, UConn has news for you: the bowl game only generated a little more than $25,000 for the University.  That’s not to say that the bowl itself did not involve significant dollars changing hands.  [...]