Matt Cassel Rewarded for Perseverance, Performance

In the opinion of this life-long Patriots fan, Matt Cassel was the most intriguing story of the 2008-09 NFL season.  Cassel, in the last year of his contract, at 27 years old, was given the keys to a Patriots’ high-performance offense that rewrote the NFL records books the previous season.  Here is what I wrote about Cassel’s […]

Patriot Games: It’s Hard to Root for a Business

Free agency is underway in the NFL, and fans will hear a familiar refrain from players and teams alike: “it’s just a business.”  For example, the New England Patriots franchise made a couple of solid business decisions this past weekend.  But in so doing the team lost a proven insurance policy at quarterback, Matt Cassel; and the heart […]

Friday Sports Briefs

Patriots to Use Franchise Tag on Cassel Connecticut Sports Law has discussed Patriots Quarterback Matt Cassel and his golden opportunity of becoming a starting quarterback in the last year of his contract.   Having outperformed everyone’s expectations, not to mention the uncertainty concerning Tom Brady’s status, Cassel has become a very valuable commodity and is ready […]

Patriots vs. Jets Preview: Matt Cassel’s Golden Opportunity

Patriots quarterback Matt Cassel is poised to make his first start since his senior year of high school on Sunday, against the Jets.  While Cassel’s ability to replace Tom Brady has been covered in depth this week, another fact has received much less attention – Cassel is in the last year of his contract with […]