Friday Sports Briefs

UConn, Danbury Whalers Eye Championship The UConn men’s basketball team competes in the Final Four this weekend in Dallas, tipping off against Florida on Saturday evening.  The UConn women’s basketball team will also compete in the Final Four, playing Stanford on Sunday night.  Last but not least, the Danbury Whalers look to defend their Federal Hockey League […]

Friday Sports Briefs

Staples on NCAA Hypocrisy Re: Minnesota Wrestler Sports Illustrated’s Andy Staples has written an outstanding story on Minnesota wrestler Joel Bauman, whose eligibility and athletic scholarship are in jeopardy because of the motivational music that he produces under his name and sells on iTunes.  Staples writes: Bauman embodies everything for which college athletics should stand. […]

Should Emmert Take Responsibility for NCAA’s Actions?’s Dana O’Neil has written an interesting piece on the fallout from the NCAA’s improper actions in the investigation of the University of Miami.  O’Neil examines the situation through the perspective of the NCAA’s treatment of head coaches - the NCAA holds coaches strictly liable for violations committed by their staff, even if they were not […]

O’Bannon v. NCAA Update

A quick update on In re NCAA Student-Athlete Name and Likeness Litigation, better known as O’Bannon v. NCAA, the class action lawsuit concerning the use of the likenesses of former college basketball players in video games produced by EA Sports.  I wrote a piece for the Connecticut Law Tribune on O’Bannon last spring, which can be […]

Sack: Multi-Year Scholarships a Historic NCAA Change

Allen Sack, professor and interim dean in the College of Business at the University of New Haven, has been a leading advocate for student-athletes’ rights.  Sack provided important testimony in support of the Student-Athletes’ Right to Know Act which was adopted by the Connecticut General Assembly and became effective this past January.  In his testimony, Sack […]

NCAA to Allow Multi-Year Scholarships

The new NCAA rule allowing colleges and universities to offer multi-year scholarships to student-athletes survived an override effort by schools which opposed the rule change.  Steve Wieberg of USA Today reports that an override of the legislation was passed by the narrowest of margins: Opponents needed 207 of 330 votes by schools and conferences - a five-eighths […]

Advocating Change of NCAA Transfer Rules

Last week in my sports law class at Quinnipiac Law School, we discussed the state of collegiate coaching contracts.  I began the class by sharing one of my favorite quotes on the topic.  In 2009, Jim Harbaugh, then coach of Stanford University, discussed his new contract extension with the university.  When asked if the contract […]

NCAA President Seeks Changes But Players Demand A Slice of the Pie

NCAA President Mark Emmert has recommended changes that would result in more scholarship money for student-athletes, the potential for four-year scholarships, as well as higher academic standards.  Although these are positive changes from a student-athlete perspective, a group of student-athletes has demanded a much bigger prize - a slice of the television revenue generated by […]