Friday Sports Briefs

Leaving College for the NBA Marc Isenberg has posted an excerpt from his upcoming booklet entitled Go Pro Like a Pro on his blog, Money Players.  Isenberg provides a guide for players considering whether or not to leave school and enter the NBA Draft. McCann on Bonds Michael McCann of and Sports Law Blog offers […]

CTSportsLaw Mailbox: Is the National Letter of Intent Legally Enforceable?

A Connecticut Sports Law reader recently emailed me concerning the enforceability of National Letters of Intent.  What is to stop a student from challenging a National Letter of Intent after the fact in court, besides the cost of litigation?  The National Letter of Intent (NLI) represents a contract between a prospective student-athlete and a university.  Thus, both parties could […]

NBA Draft Approaches, One and Done Discussion Continues

With the NBA Draft being held tonight, the issue of the “one and-done” college basketball player is once again in focus.  Marc Isenberg, publisher of the blog Money Players, has written frequently written on this topic.  Here’s an excerpt from his latest post: On one hand, it is absurd to get completely bent out of […]

National Signing Day: Beware of the National Letter of Intent

Today is National Signing Day in College Football.  UConn is once again hosting a reception at Rentschler Field to announce the newest Huskies.  But the event brings up a question that was recently covered on Connecticut Sports Law (Jagodzinski Controversy Overshadowed Plight of Recruits): why would recruits sign a National Letter of Intent? The latest […]