Friday Sports Briefs

Congress Takes Aim at the BCS Howard Wasserman at the Sports Law Blog discusses H.R. 390 which prohibits the BCS from promoting, marketing or advertising the BCS as a national championship game unless a single-elimination playoff is in place.  Wasserman points out a potential First Amendment problem with the bill and offers a more direct solution: […]

Litigation and Little League

“Everyone is looking for a scholarship, and everyone is looking for a lawsuit.”  Those were the words of high school coach whom I recently interviewed concerning changes in coaching high school athletics.  Although that statement might seem a bit cynical, consider Rick Reilly’s recent column, “A Tale of Two Little Leaguers” on  Reilly compares the […]

Family Sues Little League, Retailer and Metal Bat Manufacturer Over Personal Injuries Sufferred by Child

By Jarett L. Warner   The family of a fourteen year old boy has commenced a lawsuit against a Little League affiliate, a sporting goods retailer and the bat’s manufacturer.  Twelve year old Steven Domalewski was injured while pitching for his baseball team in 2006, when a line drive struck him in the chest and […]