Friday Sports Briefs

The NCAA’s Concept of Amateurism at its Best Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith earned an $18,000 bonus when Ohio State wrestler Logan Stieber won the 141-pound wrestling NCAA championship last week.  Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports has the story. As a reminder, in its rules the NCAA states that “student-athletes should be protected from […]

Friday Sports Briefs

Nerlens Noel Injury The knee injury suffered by Kentucky freshman Nerlens Noel has prompted discussion about the NBA’s rule requiring players to wait one year after high school graduation before entering the NBA Draft.  Pat Forde of Yahoo! Sports discusses the “charade” of  the one and done rule.  Warren K. Zola discusses the rule on the Sports Law […]

Friday Sports Briefs

Lawyers and the Tim Tebow Trade Brian Socolow, new to the Sports Law Blog, has posted an interesting thought about the Tim Tebow trade and the Jets’ use of attorneys.  Solcolow makes an excellent point - that lawyers need to be involved early in the process of virtually any legal matter.  I covered the same topic […]

Talk to My Lawyer: 3 Situations Requiring Counsel in Collegiate Athletics

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1.  National Letter of Intent (NLI): Despite the fact that the NLI is optional and heavily favors colleges and universities, student-athletes continue to sign on the dotted line.  It’s basically a take it or leave it proposition, and few players are willing to risk leaving a scholarship offer on the table.  Some coaches, like Kentucky’s John Calipari, have […]

Friday Night Rights: Kentucky High School Coach Acquitted

In the first reported criminal case brought against a coach in connection with a player’s on-field death, high school football coach Jason Stinson was found not guilty of reckless homicide and wanton endangerment in connection with the death of  Max Gilpin.  The jury needed 90 minutes to reach its verdict. Despite the testimony of several experts that Gilpin […]

Kentucky High School Football Coach Found Not Guilty in Death of Player

CNN reports that Kentucky High School Football Coach Jason Stinson was found not guilty by a jury on charges arising from the death of one of his players, Max Gilpin. More analysis to follow. For more on this case, see the following Connecticut Sports Law posts: Friday Night Rights: Trial of Coach in Player’s Death […]

Should Memphis Recruits Be Allowed to Follow Calipari?

The story is the same year after year in the virtual free agency system of college coaching.  Successful college basketball coach leaves university for a more prestigious job.  A press conference is held.  Equal measures of excitement and disappointment develop at the coach’s new and former schools.  Incoming freshmen, recruited by the departing coach, are […]