Questions that All Recruits Should Ask Regarding Transfers


NCAA transfer rules are in need of reform. But given the current situation, how can a recruit avoid potential issues should he or she wish to transfer at a later date? Ask every coach and athletic director about the school’s policy concerning transfers.  Here are some suggested questions: Will the coach and athletic director commit to providing […]

“Another Outrage” Concerning NCAA Transfer Rules

In what ESPN’s Mike Greenberg described as “another outrage in the NCAA,” Florida International University (FIU) has denied basketball player Dominque Ferguson permission to contact other schools regarding a potential transfer.  Ferguson reportedly appealed the denial, but his appeal was unsuccessful.  Ferguson sought to leave FIU for a number of reasons, including the departure of his coach, […]

SMU’s June Jones Treats Transfers Right

NCAA rules allow for coaches to deny student-athletes the opportunity to explore transfers.  Phil Martelli of St. Joseph’s and Charlie Weis of Kansas have become the poster boys for such actions (see Todd O’Brien and Brock Berglund).  But not all coaches have the same perspective on transfers. ESPN Dallas’ Jean-Jacques Taylor has an interesting piece on SMU […]

Power Struggle: Rodriguez, Schiano Demonstrate Change in Collegiate Football Coaching Contracts


The dynamic between the coaches of Division I football teams and the universities that employ them is quickly becoming a hot topic.  The ever-increasing popularity of the college game coupled with the vast financial opportunities have thrust coaches into the spotlight.  As players only wear the  colors of their university for only three or four years,  head coaches have become the proverbial faces […]


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