Friday Sports Briefs: College Players Union Edition


Doyel: Players Union Will Not Ruin College Sports Gregg Doyel of takes issue with what he calls the “DEFCON 1 scare tactics” that NCAA and conference leaders have used to argue against the formation of unions in college sports. John Calipari Compares NCAA to Soviet Union Kentucky coach John Calipari takes issue with the […]

UConn Basketball, the AAC and John Calipari


Congratulations to the UConn men and women’s basketball teams, which both advanced to their respective national championship games to be played on Monday and Tuesday night.  Here a couple of UConn stories from the Hartford Courant with sports business/sports law connections: Jeff Jacobs writes that UConn deserves a bigger stage than the American Athletic Conference. Dom Amore and Paul […]

Friday Sports Briefs

Lawyers and the Tim Tebow Trade Brian Socolow, new to the Sports Law Blog, has posted an interesting thought about the Tim Tebow trade and the Jets’ use of attorneys.  Solcolow makes an excellent point - that lawyers need to be involved early in the process of virtually any legal matter.  I covered the same topic […]

Friday Sports Briefs

Sports Law Symposium Season A number of law schools will be holding sports law panels and symposiums this month, including Harvard and Fordham.  These syposiums offer a great opportunity for students interested in sports law and sports professionals to learn and network. On March 23, Harvard Law School’s Committee on Sports and Entertainment Law will host […]

Talk to My Lawyer: 3 Situations Requiring Counsel in Collegiate Athletics

1.  National Letter of Intent (NLI): Despite the fact that the NLI is optional and heavily favors colleges and universities, student-athletes continue to sign on the dotted line.  It’s basically a take it or leave it proposition, and few players are willing to risk leaving a scholarship offer on the table.  Some coaches, like Kentucky’s John Calipari, have […]

Wednesday Sports Briefs

New NFL Litigation Michael McCann over at Sports Law Blog was interviewed on Dryer v. NFL, in which a group of retired NFL players are suing the NFL under the Lanham Act over the NFL’s and NFL Film’s use of their identities. Connecticut Players in NFL Camps The Hartford Courant has a blurb on each player with Connecticut […]

CTSportsLaw Mailbox: Is the National Letter of Intent Legally Enforceable?


A Connecticut Sports Law reader recently emailed me concerning the enforceability of National Letters of Intent.  What is to stop a student from challenging a National Letter of Intent after the fact in court, besides the cost of litigation?  The National Letter of Intent (NLI) represents a contract between a prospective student-athlete and a university.  Thus, both parties could […]

Should Memphis Recruits Be Allowed to Follow Calipari?

The story is the same year after year in the virtual free agency system of college coaching.  Successful college basketball coach leaves university for a more prestigious job.  A press conference is held.  Equal measures of excitement and disappointment develop at the coach’s new and former schools.  Incoming freshmen, recruited by the departing coach, are […]


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