CT Sports Law’s Top 10 Story Lines of 2011 - Part II

Here are Connecticut Sports Law’s top story lines of 2011, from 2 through 5.  Click here to see 6 through 10. 2.  Ed O’Bannon leads a class action lawsuit against the NCAA concerning the use of the images and likenesses of former players.  This case, which recently spurred a similar lawsuit by the legendary Bill […]

Friday Sports Briefs

“Schools, not NCAA, standing in the way of positive scholarship change” Andy Staples of SI.com has a great article on how colleges and universities are balking at the NCAA’s attempt at reform.  The NCAA recently decided to allow schools to provide student-athletes with a $2,000 stipend and to offer multi-year scholarships.  A number of schools, […]

Friday Sports Briefs: College Football Edition

Al Golden and the Case for Longer Coaching Contracts Dave Krieder of MaxPreps has written an excellent article on his interview with Tom Lemming about Miami football coach Al Golden.  Lemming believes that Miami needs to extend Golden’s contract to allow him to clean up the program.  Lemming also believes that longer contracts would alleviate cheating by […]

Friday Sports Briefs

McAdoo Denied Injunction, Unlikely to play in 2011 University of North Carolina football player Michael McAdoo was denied a preliminary injunction in his lawsuit against the university and NCAA that would have allowed him to play football in this, his senior year.  Although McAdoo’s lawsuit can continue, it is unlikely to be resolved in time for […]

Ohio State Highlights National Letter of Intent’s Coaching Changes Policy

I recently read about an Ohio State football recruit who signed a National Letter of Intent (NLI) with Ohio State, but asked for, and was granted, his release.  Other players who orally committed to Ohio State have also changed their minds.  None of this comes as a surprise considering the NCAA investigation concerning allegations of improper benefits during Jim Tressel’s […]

More Advice for Former Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel

FILE – This April 23, 2011, file photo shows Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel during an NCAA college football Spring Game, in Columbus, Ohio. The NCAA is accusing Tressel of lying to hide violations by players who traded memorabilia for cash and tattoos. The governing body says these are ‘potential major violations,’ and the school must go before the NCAA on Aug. 12. (AP Photo/Terry Gilliam, File)

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Erick Smith of the USA Today reported that former Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel did not attend a NCAA rules compliance seminar in Tampa this past weekend.  Tressel was originally scheduled to attend the seminar as part of Ohio State’s self-imposed penalties.  Subsequent to the imposition of those penalties, Sports Illustrated blew the top off of the […]

Lessons for Coaches from the Case of Jim Tressel

Jim Tressel resigned his post as head football coach at the Ohio State University (OSU) on Monday under a cloud of scandal and impending NCAA sanctions.  Tressel allegedly attempted to cover-up potential violations by six of his players, who traded OSU memorabilia for tattoos.  A Sports Illustrated article by George Dohrmann (with David Epstein) proved to be the final straw, outlining a […]

NCAA Allegations Against Tressel Show Coaches’ Need for Personal Counsel

The recent Notice of Allegations issued by the NCAA against Ohio State University (OSU) head football coach Jim Tressel are uniquely personal.  He is alleged to have withheld information from OSU to keep his players, who received improper benefits and otherwise violated NCAA rules, eligible.  The case presents a clear situation of a coach needing personal counsel […]