“Ball So Hard University” Triggers Trademark Dispute

An interesting trademark dispute is brewing over an NFL star’s catchphrase and the attempts of others to capitalize on it.  Terrell Suggs, defensive end for the Baltimore Ravens, claims ownership of the phrase “Ball So Hard University,” an obviously fictional school that Suggs has referred to as his alma mater.  Steve Kilar of the Baltimore Sun has the […]

Seahawks Fan’s Lawsuit: A Snowball’s Chance?

A Seattle Seahawks fan has sued New York Jets defensive lineman Shaun Ellis (as well as the team) in connection with a December 2008 incident at the Jets-Seahawks game.  On his way to the Jets’ locker room, Ellis hurled either a large snowball or chunk of ice (according to the plaintiff’s attorney) at Robert Larsen, a fan who appeared to be heckling […]

Patriots vs. Jets Preview: Matt Cassel’s Golden Opportunity

Patriots quarterback Matt Cassel is poised to make his first start since his senior year of high school on Sunday, against the Jets.  While Cassel’s ability to replace Tom Brady has been covered in depth this week, another fact has received much less attention – Cassel is in the last year of his contract with […]