Sports Law Careers: How to Get an Internship


In our Sports Law Careers series, we’ve explored  a number of issues facing those who envision a career in sports law or sports business.  Often times, one of the best suggestions is very simple: get an internship.  An internship can be invaluable for both the work experience and the professional contacts.  But the process of securing an [...]

Friday Sports Briefs


Congratulations to Footiebusiness, Ben Berger Connecticut Sports Law Guest Columnist Ben Berger celebrated the 1-year anniversary of his blog Footiebusiness this week.  Ben offers links to his favorite posts from the past year: 1.  Our interviews with various MLS Marketing Directors and front office reps about the marketing of American soccer. 2.  Our series on [...]

Friday Sports Briefs

Congress Takes Aim at the BCS Howard Wasserman at the Sports Law Blog discusses H.R. 390 which prohibits the BCS from promoting, marketing or advertising the BCS as a national championship game unless a single-elimination playoff is in place.  Wasserman points out a potential First Amendment problem with the bill and offers a more direct solution: [...]

Is There a Market for Sports Agents in Connecticut? Next Question!

Since Connecticut Sports Law was launched in March, I have often been asked whether there is a market for sports agents in the Constitution State.  On the heels of Robinson & Cole’s attempt to enter the business, those questions have only increased in frequency.  Here are a couple thoughts on the market: The market for sports [...]


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