CT Sports Car Law: Why is Chrysler Destroying 90 Vipers?

By now, you may have heard that Chrysler is insisting that some 90 plus pre-production Dodge Vipers, used by various automotive repair schools, be destroyed.  Chrysler’s edict was followed by public pleas and petitions to save the cars.  As Brandon Turkus on Autoblog.com has written (citing Autobytel), there are many facts to this story that don’t add up.  […]

Hartford Courant Interviews Matt Walsh on Spygate

The Hartford Courant has published an interview with Matt Walsh, the former Patriots’ video man and Spygate figure who also happens to be a Connecticut native.  Walsh had this to say to the question of whether he was seeking publicity through his involvement in this saga: “This whole experience has been one big annoyance…What good […]