The Colonial Column: Colonials in the Community

By Dan Canavan Prior to the season, the Hartford Colonials made an organizational commitment to supporting local nonprofit organizations.  Upon his signing with the Colonials, Quarterback Josh McCown generously agreed to donate $10,000 to the Boys & Girls Club of Hartford. But the team’s generosity hasn’t been limited to financial support. On September 3rd, McCown and teammates spent [...]

Friday Night Rights: School Waivers May Not Be Enforceable

Legal Issues in High School Athletics has featured my recent article concerning a lawsuit arising from the injury of an East Lyme (Conn.) high school track athlete in its May-June 2010 issue.  The article fits in nicely with my blog series “Friday Night Rights”, which covers the legal and business issues that arise in high school sports.  [...]

Connecticut Ski Resort Liability

The downhill skiing events in this year’s Olympic games produced some major crashes.  So a bit of skiing law seems appropriate.  A recent Connecticut Superior Court decision discussed the state’s law concerning the liability of ski resort operators.  Although liability waivers can be difficult to enforce in Connecticut courts, the Connecticut General Assembly has enacted measures to protect ski [...]

Connecticut Court Invalidates Gym’s Liability Waiver


When is a contract not a contract?  When that contract is a gym’s liability waiver, according to a Connecticut Superior Court.  In the case of Schneeloch v. Glastonbury Fitness & Wellness, Inc., the plaintiff was injured during a bosu cardio class at Healthtrax in Glastonbury, Connecticut, and sued the gym for damages.  The gym defended the [...]

Connecticut Group Calls for Moratorium on Installing Synthetic Turf Fields

A Connecticut non-profit group, Environment and Human Health, Inc., has recommended that a moratorium be placed on new fields or playgrounds that use ground-up rubber tires: There is enough information now concerning the potential health effects from chemicals emanating from rubber tire crumbs to place a moratorium on installing any new fields or playgrounds that [...]


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