Is the NLI nullified if you are suspended for your high school season?

I recently received a great question regarding the National Letter of Intent (NLI): If a high school athlete signed a NLI for lacrosse during the early signing period, and is then ineligible for the high school team in spring because of a school suspension, will this suspension nullify the NLI? No, a suspension on its own does not […]

Friday Night Rights: Continuing Heat Issues Necessitate Change

According to Rivals High, a player in Florida, another in South Carolina, two from Georgia and a coach in Texas have died after participating in football activities held during hot weather in the last week or so. These tragic stories remind me of the case of Commonwealth of Kentucky v. Jason David Stinson, the first reported criminal case […]

Fall Sports Reinstated at Connecticut Vocational-Technical Schools

About two weeks ago Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy introduced a budget plan that included cutting the athletic programs from vocational-technical high schools (“Vo-Techs”), which are operated by the state.  Tonight, Vanessa De La Torre of the Hartford Courant is reporting that fall sports will be played at Vo-Techs this year, primarily due to scheduling issues: Mark Linabury, spokesman for Acting […]

Connecticut Sports Recruiting: National Letter of Intent Basics

Connecticut Sports Law has covered the legal aspects of the National Letter of Intent (NLI) in some detail.  The primary issue is whether the NLI is an enforceable contract.  Nevertheless, most student-athletes and their parents are not interested in legal theory, but want to know how the NLI affects them.  Here are 3 key points to understand before […]

Kentucky High School Football Coach Found Not Guilty in Death of Player

CNN reports that Kentucky High School Football Coach Jason Stinson was found not guilty by a jury on charges arising from the death of one of his players, Max Gilpin. More analysis to follow. For more on this case, see the following Connecticut Sports Law posts: Friday Night Rights: Trial of Coach in Player’s Death […]