UFL First Half Report: What Stands Out?

Passing Game: despite a few near misses, the passing appears to be a step up from what UConn fans are used to; after all the QBs - Brooks Bollinger and Quinn Gray (who got hurt right before the half) - have legitimate NFL experience Advertising: long, short video boards with changing advertisements stretch along the sidelines and in the end zones, […]

Hartford Whalers Trademark: Who Owns The Rights?

With the introduction of retro Hartford Whalers jerseys to the market, questions concerning the rights to the mark “Hartford Whalers” abound. The prevailing thought appears to be that the City of Hartford or State of Connecticut owned the trademark rights to “Hartford Whalers” but let the registration expire this summer.  There is confusion over whether the rights […]

New Hartford Whalers Merchandise On the Market

A few months back, I wrote that the registration for the mark “Hartford Whalers” had expired.  This discussion is relevant, because new Hartford Whalers jerseys are back on the market.  According to Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo! Sports’ blog Puck Daddy, IceJerseys.com is selling 1979 Hartford Whalers replica jerseys: Strike up the Brass Bonanza, because that’s about to change. […]