Tom Lamb to Assist Boston English Football Team


Tom Lamb, Hall of Fame football coach from Natick (Mass.) High School, has returned to coaching as an assistant with English High School in Boston.  Boston Globe correspondent Lenny Megliola has the story.  Congratulations to Coach Lamb for returning to the gridiron to work with young athletes.  Coach Lamb’s interview on the state of high […]

Employment Rights of Connecticut High School Coaches

I was reading a recent Connecticut federal court decision in a case concerning the termination of an assistant football coach from a public high school.  The decision itself was not particularly remarkable, but did include a discussion of Connecticut General Statute Section 10-222e, entitled “Policy on evaluation and termination of athletic coaches.”  This is a statute with […]

Friday Night Rights: CIAC Rule Leaves Out Tech School Students

The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) is the governing body for the state’s high school athletic programs.  Most do not have occasion to become familiar with the CIAC’s rules.  But I recently came across a CIAC eligibility rule that deserves attention, and perhaps should be changed.  The rule at issue reads as follows: Student-athlete participation at any state authorized public school […]

CT Sports Law’s Top Story Lines of 2010 - Part II

Here are Connecticut Sports Law’s top story lines of 2010, from 2 through 5.  Click here to see 6 through 10. 2.  Marist University’s lawsuit against James Madison University provides another chapter in the story of virtual free agency in college coaching. A Beacon in Poughkeepsie: Marist Claims Victory Over James Madison in Coaching Contract Suit More on Marist […]

CT Sports Law’s Top Story Lines of 2010 - Part I

With 2010 coming to a close, I have compiled a list of the top story lines and accompanying blog posts from the past year.  Part I will list story lines 6 through 10; Part II will be posted tomorrow and will include 2 through 5; and the top story line will be posted on Monday, January 3.  Thank you for your readership, […]

Friday Night Rights: Heat and High School Athletics

HC St Paul 9

Doug Malan of the Connecticut Law Tribune recently interviewed me for his story “School Sports Aren’t All Fun And Games”, concerning the liability of high school coaches.  The story touched upon the arrest of two assistant football coaches in Middletown (Conn.) after a player collapsed during a workout on a particularly hot day. Even basic […]

Friday Night Rights: Middletown Football Coaches Cleared of Charges

The Middletown High School football coaches charged with reckless endangerment after a student-athlete collapsed during a workout on a particularly hot and humid day have been cleared of all charges.  Paul Doyle of the Hartford Courant has the story: School assistant football coaches were dismissed Tuesday after defense attorneys proved water was provided for a […]

Podium Sports Journal Publishes CT Sports Law Article

Podium Sports Journal, an online sport psychology magazine, has posted Connecticut Sports Law’s article Friday Night Rights: Arrest of Middletown Coaches Evokes Lessons of Stinson Case.  Click here to see the article on Podium Sports Journal. Podium Sports Journal, published by Dr. Stephen E. Walker Ph.D., provides information on the best practices in applied sport psychology for […]


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