Should Memphis Recruits Be Allowed to Follow Calipari?

The story is the same year after year in the virtual free agency system of college coaching.  Successful college basketball coach leaves university for a more prestigious job.  A press conference is held.  Equal measures of excitement and disappointment develop at the coach’s new and former schools.  Incoming freshmen, recruited by the departing coach, are […]

Perspectives on O.J. Mayo, USC and the NCAA’s Pat Forde, in a scathing editorial, lays blame for the Mayo sacndal at the foot of USC and head basketball coach Tim Floyd.  Taking into a account another high-profile scandal that touched USC involving football player Reggie Bush, Forde goes so far as to suggest that USC should receive the NCAA death penalty.  While that […]

One and Done: O.J. Mayo and Amateurism in NCAA Basketball

ESPN’s Outside the Lines ran a piece yesterday concerning former USC basketball player O.J. Mayo.  Since he was in the seventh grade, Mayo has been identified as one of the top basketball talents in the United States.  Mayo played for USC this season, but it was a foregone conclusion that his college career would be […]