With Big East Crumbling, UConn Explores Conference Realignment


The news that Syracuse and Pittsburgh are leaving the Big East to join the ACC has many UConn fans wondering where that leaves the Huskies.  Here are few links on the subject: Pete Thamel of the New York Times covers the story in his article “Syracuse and Pittsburgh Switch Conferences, Sowing Chaos.” Paul Doyle of the Hartford [...]

Connecticut Sports Recruiting: Are Camps for Recruiting or Teaching?

As I covered in my article entitled “Camps Bring Additional Income, Legal Issues for College Coaches“, sports camps allow college coaches to earn additional income and scout potential recruits.  But what is the objective of these camps?  To provide a recruiting opportunity for coaches or to teach young players the skills necessary to play the game? Answers [...]

Friday Sports Briefs

Canadian Prosecutors Consider Charges Against Chara Canadian prosecutors are reportedly considering charging Zdeno Chara of the Boston Bruins with assault after his check on the Canadians’ Max Pacioretty left Pacioretty hospitalized.  According to Richard Weir of the Boston Herald, charges against Chara would be unlikely, at least under US law.  Typically, tort actions arising from in-game conduct require intentional [...]

Friday Sports Briefs


Thanks to Ben Berger of FootieBusiness.com As he mentioned on footiebusiness.com, Ben Berger was a guest lecturer in my Sports Law class at Quinnipiac School of Law this week.  Ben’s presentation was excellent and his knowledge of the business of soccer, especially MLS, was tremendous.  Although we tend to focus on the four major sports leagues [...]

UConn Football: Profit from Bowl Not to be Confused With Benefit

The aversion to a true playoff in college football at its most basic level can be explained in financial terms.  The bowl system, and BCS, is simply too profitable to consider another alternative.  The current arrangement injects number of games with meaning that would otherwise be no more than an early round playoff game, or [...]


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