NHLPA Dismisses Executive Director, Former U.S. Prosecutor Paul Kelly

On Monday, August 31, 2009, the NHLPA announced that its executive board voted “overwhelmingly” to dismiss Paul Kelly as executive director.  The NHLPA executive board, which is made up of 30 players from each club, has announced that Ian Penny will serve as the interim executive director.  The executive board also announced that it has […]

Dan Canavan Interviewed on Phoenix Coyotes Bankruptcy

Peter James of Canwest News Service interviewed Dan Canavan, Connecticut Sports Law’s hockey expert, on Phoenix Coyotes’ bankruptcy proceedings for his article entitled Twisted series of issues continue to haunt Coyotes’ situation.  James’ article was published in a number of media outlets, including The National Post. Here are some highlights of Dan’s comments: Dan Canavan, a […]

Monday Sports Briefs

Michael Vick Set Free Michael Vick was released from his federal sentence for dogfighting today, after spending 18 months in prison and the last 2 months on house arrest.  See this article by ESPN’s John Clayton on Vick’s next steps now that he is a free man.  For Connecticut Sports Law’s coverage of Vick, click […]

NHL Wins the Battle in the Desert, But Will it Win the War?

By Dan Canavan Late on Monday, Bankruptcy Judge Redfield T. Baum ruled that Jim Balsillie cannot force the NHL to move the Coyotes to Canada.  The Coyotes’ saga, however, is far from over. Judge Baum’s ruling does not preclude the ultimate transfer of the team to Balsillie or any other party that may seek to relocate the […]

Part I: Bankruptcy Court Yet to Rule on Phoenix Coyotes Case

By Dan Canavan We have been closely monitoring the hearing taking place this afternoon in the Phoenix Coyotes bankruptcy proceedings.  As set forth in this post, the purpose of the hearing is to determine if the team is portable.  This issue will ultimately determine the value of the franchise and the fate of the Coyotes […]

Dan Canavan Interviewed on CBC Radio Regarding Phoenix Coyotes Sale

Dan Canavan was recently interviewed by Teddy Katz on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation(CBC) Radio’s World Report concerning the Phoenix Coyotes’ attempt to sell the team and how the prospective sale might effect the NHL.  “Unlike the federal reserve, the NHL can’t just print money”, Canavan told Katz.  To listen to the entire interview, follow this link […]

Will The Attempted Relocation of The Phoenix Coyotes Help Bring The Whalers Back to Hartford?

By Dan Canavan As I touched upon in my article Phoenix Coyotes Seek Bankruptcy Protection, Sale, the NHL Players’ Association is giving up on hockey in the desert.  Paul Kelly, the executive director of the NHLPA, recently told The Hamilton Spectator that “it’s time to pull the plug’ on the NHL in Phoenix.”   Speaking on a Toronto radio station […]

Phoenix Coyotes Seek Bankruptcy Protection, Sale: Winners & Losers

 By Dan Canavan The viability of the NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes has been in question for some time now.  The most recent turn has the NHL opposing the Coyotes’ plan to sell the  team to an investor intent on moving the franchise to Canada.   The NHL claims that it is in control of Coyotes, therefore the team has no […]